Bereavement counselling

The death of a loved one can be a very lonely and painful experience. It can help to share these feelings of loss and grief with me.

You may be experiencing difficulty in accepting the reality of the loss. I can help you to work through the  pain of grief and emotionally adjust to life without your loved one.

If you have recently had a bereavement and lost someone very dear to you life may be a struggle. You may find that you cannot talk about the deceased without intense feelings of grief. Also a relatively minor event can trigger an intense grief reaction in you and every day life is proving difficult. If you recognise yourself here you may benefit from bereavement counselling.

Working with me, I can assist you to work through the pain and grief. To help you fully acknowledge the reality of the loss and work through the feelings of the loss adjusting to an environment in which the deceased is missing and finding ways to memorialise the person who died in ways that are appropriate for you. The counselling will enable you to strengthen your own inner resources leading to life being more manageable for you.

I have trained in Bereavement Counselling and have worked at Bromley Bereavement Counselling Services.