Myths about counselling

There are several myths associated with counselling:

1) Counsellors are there to give advice
Generally we don’t. You are the expert on yourself. Nobody knows what is best for you – but you do. Only you know what is best for you and I will provide a safe and encouraging place for you to work this out.

2) It will be the same as if I was talking to a friend
It’s not. Your friend will want you to feel better, they will probably give advice to you that they think will help you. But we are all different and what is helpful for them may not be helpful for you. In counselling the focus will be on you – you will be free to speak openly and honestly. I will not be judging you – you will be free to talk about whatever you want even if its something you may feel ashamed of.

3)You have to be in crisis to need therapy
Counselling can help in many ways not only at times of crisis when you may need emergency support. Some people may feel puzzled about their behaviour or finding themselves in repeated destructive relationships. I can help you explore your thoughts and feelings and work with you on your personal development.

4) Counselling goes on for years
Not so. You will know when it is time to finish counselling this could be 4-6 weeks for short-term work or possibly longer in order to explore deeper issues. You will be in the driving seat and may plan with me to finish the counselling when you feel the time is right for you.

5) Counselling is a very serious matter and laughter is not allowed
Not so. Of course, there is a right time for genuine laughter and then times when it might be covering up another less comfortable feeling which it would be important to follow up and explore.