As we are both making a committment of time and energy to each other in deciding to work together, it is important for you to know what agreements are in place and therefore what to expect.

I charge from £60.00 per session for individuals and from £80.00 per session for couples. Supervision sessions are charged at £50.00.

Sessions last 50 minutes and they will be on the same day at the same time each week. The number of sessions will be discussed and reviewed to meet your requirements.

If it is necessary for you to cancel an appointment 24hrs notice is required otherwise the full fee will be payable.

If I need to cancel an appointment I shall offer an appointment on another day in the same week if possible.

The number of sessions will be open-ended, to be decided by mutual agreement according to your particular needs. You will know when you are ready to finish counselling.

The content of the session is confidential to you and me. I will need to discuss our work with my supervisor but I will refer to you by first name only. I do make brief notes after the sessions but these are safely stored and it is not possible to recognise you or anyone else from these notes. These notes will be destroyed when our work together is finished.

The only reason I would break confidentiality is if I believed you were going to harm yourself or anyone else.

I take 6-8 weeks holiday a year. I shall give as much notice as possible.

There is no receptionist at the Centre for Counselling, I shall answer the door to you.

If you would like to meet for an initial session contact me on 07900854033 or email me

Appointments take place at The Centre for Counselling, 67-69 Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent,  BR1 3AA. See Contact for more details on how to get there.


If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, I require 24 hours notice.