Why you are here…

We can all become overwhelmed at times with feelings of hopelessness and sadness. However by considering counselling you are taking the first step in being pro-active and doing something about how you feel.

These feelings may be include anxiety, depression and confusion. You may have suffered a bereavement, redundancy or divorce, or loss in your life which may at the moment lack any meaning or purpose. This may have put pressure on relationships which you now wish to improve. You may feel you do not know which way to turn and although friends and family may be supportive you may not be able to confide in them or say the things you would really like to in case they get to know the “real” you, who may feel they are not coping at the present time. This may also be affecting your health with symptoms of loss of appetite, insomia, lack of motivation and a loss of interest in life in general.

My goal in counselling is to provide a safe, confidential place for you to talk freely. I shall provide a cofidential, non-judgemental space in which you will be able to gain insight and self-awareness. We can explore together and find ways to improve how you feel and your situation.